Lentil soup
Our healthy, delicious special home made lentil soup.
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Chicken creamy soup
Flavorful creamy chicken broth soup
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Crab and corn soup
Flavorful mix of sweet corn and crab meat Chinese delice
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Mushroom creamy soup
Creamy delicious fresh mushrooms soup
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Chicken Sopas
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Bulalo Soup
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Vegetable Soup
Carrots , spring onion, baby marrow, celery cut into small cubes and cooked with spices
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Tom Yum Soup
Cooked shrimp,lemon grass,lemon leaves coconut and spices.
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Beef tripe, meat cooked and boiled in stock soup with ginger , garlic and lemon
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Sothanghon soup
A combination of chicken strips, assorted vegetables and vermicelli noodles
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Chicken Lomi
Noodles cooked in chicken stock soup, carrots, capcicum, white cabbage, kikiam and Squid balls.
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Beef Lomi
Noodles cooked in beef stock soup, capcicum, carrots,white cabbage with sliced kikiam and squid balls. noodles
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PF Special Chicken Mami
Cooked in chicken stock soup, noodles, spring onion, white cabbge, chicken siomai, boiled egg, chicharon and spices.
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PF Special Beef Mami
Cooked in beef stock soup, noodles, beef siomai spring onion, white cabbge, boiled egg and spices.
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Garden green salad
Romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, cabbage, bell pepper, and black olive slices, served with thousand Iland dressing.
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Tuna salad
Cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, onion, toped with tuna flax, served with vinaigrette
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Greek Salad
Cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, black olives and feta cheese with vinaigrette.
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Caesar salad
Romain lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese, ceasar dressing
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Fattoush salad
Romain lettuce, iceberg, cucumber, tomato,parsly,crispy Arabic bread, with a special home made dressing.
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Parsly, tomato, onion, special chef dressing
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Tuna pasta salad
Penne pasta, corn, sliced olives, tuna flax tossed with our home made special dressing
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