Plain rice
Our home made steamed rice.
5 QR
Garlic rice
Our steamed rice, seasoned with fried garlic and spices.
7 QR
Egg fried rice
Steamed rice, sautéed with eggs, bell pepper and spices.
15 QR
Shrimp fried rice
Our steamed rice sautéed with shrimps, bell pepper and spices.
19 QR
Chicken fried rice
17 QR
Vegetables fried rice
Steamed rice sautéed with assorted vegetables. And spices.
14 QR
Mixed fried rice
Our steamed rice sautéed with a combination of chicken, shrimps, beef, egg ,mix vegetables and spices.
21 QR
French Fries
Crispy seasoned home made potatoes fries
9 QR
Mashed Potato
Home made fresh mashed potatoes, served with homemade gravy.
11 QR
Steamed or grilled vegetables
Assorted vegetables grilled or steamed as per your choice.
11 QR
Vegetables curry
Assorted vegetables sautéed in curry spices sauce, chili, onion and garlic.
25 QR
Ginisang Monggo
Monggo beans, shrimp, tomato, bitter gourd, and spices.
17 QR
A combination of eggplant, pumpkin, string beans, tomato, lady finger, bitter gourd, sautéed in shrimp paste
33 QR
A combination of cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, baby corn, bell pepper, zucchini, green beans, boiled qual egg, sautéed in oyster sauce and spices.
31 QR
Dried shredded taro leaves, cooked with coconuts milk.
31 QR
Ginisang Ampalaya
29 QR
Veg Bicol Express
31 QR