Blue berry cheese cake
Our home made blue berry cheese cake
15 QR
Home made brownie with vanilla ice cream and hard and crunchy chocolate shell
17 QR
Leche flan
Our creamy home made milk flan, garnished with whipping cream and caramel
18 QR
Pinoy fiesta ice cream
It s your choice of 3 scoops ice cream garnished with chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and nuts
23 QR
Banana split
Our home made banana split with ice cream garnished with chocolate chip.
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Fresh Cut Fruits
Assorted fresh fruits cuts floating in our special cocktail juice.
23 QR
Brasso De Mercedes
Our special meringue roll stuffed with vanilla flavor egg cream, garnished with chocolate sauce.
39 QR
Chocolate banana crepe
Home made crepe stuffed with fresh banana slices and our special cream, toped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup
20 QR
Halo Halo
Assorted colorful palm nuts, nata de coco, black beans, leche flan, ube ice cream, floating in crushed ice milk drink, it s one of our signature items delights treat
17 QR
Mais Con Yelo
15 QR
Maja Blanca
A special flour cooked in coconut milk with jackfruit and sweet corn.
15 QR
Buko Pandan
Chopped jelly and coconut string with PF special cream w/ pandan essence. Served chilled.
13 QR
Fruits Salad
Freshly fresh cuts fruit with heavy syrup. Served chill.
17 QR
Glucose rice cooked in brown sugar with coconut milk
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